Scott Chiropractic Clinic, PLLC
Celtic Crossing Center
15067 Crestone Ave W, Rosemount, MN 55068
ph: 952-322-4440

Scott Chiropractic Clinic, PLLC
Celtic Crossing Center
15067 Crestone Ave W, Rosemount, MN 55068
ph: 952-322-4440

Health & Wellness for the Whole Family

Injury Rehabilitation & Supporting Therapies

At Scott Chiropractic Clinic, we support your chiropractic adjustment with the following therapies and modalities. These supplemental services are covered by many health insurance policies.

Soft tissue/muscle therapies

  • Trigger Point Therapy: helps break up adhesions and scar tissue in muscles to promote healing, decrease pain, and increase muscle function
  • Advanced Muscle Therapy: helps lengthen the muscle to decrease pain and increase function
  • Cranio-sacral: We use limited techniques during a chiropractic session to help your body relax for an adjustment
  • Massage Therapy: on staff certified massage therapist for muscle related injuries and relaxation.

Rehabilitation Program

Rehabilitation of injured or weakened muscles is an integral part of recovery.  This is true for muscles around the spine and other joints such as the shoulder, elbow, or knee.

rehabilitation program at Scott Chiropractic Clinic

At Scott Chiropractic Clinic, we design a personal rehabilitation program to:

  • Fit your individual needs
  • Help speed the healing process for your injuries
  • Increase strength in areas that have weakened over time
  • Do in-clinic or at home

We spend enough time with you to make sure rehab exercises are done correctly and efficiently to help stablize and complement our chiropractic adjustments.

Each personalized program includes:

  • Exercises for rehab from injuries including back, neck, shoulder, or other extremity
  • Strength and flexibility training
  • Wellness core routine to maintain healthy lower back
  • Balance core routine to help prevent future falls
  • Shoulder, elbow, and back strengthening to prevent injuries

Physical therapy modalities

  • interferential/electrical stimulation therapy: decrease pain and inflammation and promote healing for muscles
  • ultrasound therapy: helps decrease inflammation and swelling to help speed up the healing process for injuries such as sprains
  • intersegmental traction: helps relax muscles and structures associated with the spine in conjunction with regular chiropractic treatments. It is not a substitution for adjustments.